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“I want to go to the Olympics and that’s impossible to wait another six years for C1.”

Rosalyn Lawrence, top Slalom canoeist, Australia, told The Northern Star.

Australia’s Ros Lawrence is top C1 and K1 slalom paddler, but has preferred C1 over the years in hopes of competing in C1 in 2016.  However, now she too has shifted her focus to the K1 slalom event with hopes of representing Australia at the 2016 Olympics.


The article states correctly that Slalom C1 is not an Olympic event for women and won’t be until at least (i.e., maybe) 2020 in Tokyo.

“Unfortunately the ICF and countries that weren’t already developing C1 are years behind the rest of us and I’m not satisfied with their commitment to gender equity.”

 We are seeing more paddlers shift focus because of the ICF’s delay on gender equality (for both Sprint and Slalom), with no definitive end in sight. There is too much uncertainty for the Olympics and there have been no public announcements of equalizing events across the board at all international competitions (i.e., World Championships/World Cups/Continental Championships, etc).

The ICF’s delay on all fronts is inexplicable.

Ros is power and grace personified on the water; but we understand her desire to compete in the Olympics and she must choose the path that is available to her…………K1 (Kayak singles – Slalom).

Note: the article states there are “5 C1 events for men” in the Olympics. There are 5 “events” for men: 3 Sprint (2 C1, 1 C2) and 2 Slalom (C1 & C2).

2013 canoe slalom world cups overall winners

2013 Canoe Slalom World Cups overall winners. Rosalyn Lawrence (AUS) – on right.