Why hasn’t the International Canoe Federation (ICF) informed their constituents (the paddling community) and stakeholders about the process 2020 program proposed for what will happen and when with the International Olympic Committee?

Why haven’t they been more transparent about what they have submitted and when? And their strategy for the way forward?

Why haven’t they made public all of the votes and motions submitted (approved and disapproved) from the recent ICF Congress?

The recent ICF Congress voting for women’s canoe events (no changes for the Senior World Championships? Removal of Women’s C2 500 from the Junior/U23 World Championships?) bear no resemblance to a strategy for women’s canoe, gender equality, balance between canoe/kayak and/or universality.

This lack of transparency and continued repression of equal opportunities and access is inexcusable.


Our request for information from 20 November 2014 still stands.

This is the current makeup of the ICF2014 ICF GENDER EQUALITY HEROES STATS.