V1 A Women FINAL Jeannette Chippington

V1 200 A Women FINAL – Jeannette Chippington

Great Britain’s Triumphant Trio of Andrea Green, Emma Wiggs and Jeanette Chippington were simply brilliant at the 2014 ICF Canoe Sprint Senior World Championships. All three were European Champions earlier in the seaons and left no doubts that they are the Queens of Canoe.

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Here is a great interview with LTA (legs, trunk, arms) V1 200 World Champion Andrea Green (GBR).  Full time training program in Nottingham!

Check out Emma Wiggs blowing away the field, winning by a boat, in the Women’s V1 TA (trunk, arms) 200.  This will be the only women’s canoe event in 2016 Paralympics – the first time ever for women’s canoe on the Olympic program.

Jeanette Chippington became a seven-time Paracanoe World Champion after adding another two titles (in canoe and kayak) to her previous tally. Power and Grace – and unstoppable.  K1 and C1 A (arms only) V1 200.

emma wiggs V1 TA finish

Emma Wiggs. Photo Balint Vekassy

Andrea Green

Andrea Green. Photo Balint Vekassy

emma wiggs V1 TA podium

Women’s TA V1 200 GBR CAN UKR. Photo Balint Vekassy

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