Oakville’s Jillian Perrone: women’s canoe moving a step closer to Olympics “really exciting”

By Herb Garbutt, Oakville Beaver / ‏@herbgarbutt 

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January 20, 2016. The Oakville (Ontario, Canada) Beaver interviewed top Canadian Junior canoeist Jillian Perrone.  She says women’s canoe moving a step closer to Olympics “really exciting”.

When asked why she paddles a canoe if women are still barred from competing in the the Olympic Games?

Answer: She simply enjoyed paddling a canoe, so that’s what she did. 

Perrone is member of Canada’s development team, making the final at the 2015 Junior World Championships, finishing seventh in the C-1 200-metre race.

“It’s really exciting. I think if it becomes part of the Olympics you’re going to see it grow and progress at an exponential rate,” Perrone said. “It’s so encouraging for the sport in general, especially for the younger women paddlers.” 

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