Celebrity Paddle Sports Blogger Javier Melus, one of Spain’s best Masters kayakers, dedicated a blog post to WomenCAN International President Pam Boteler.

Boteler took this opportunity to wish all of the athletes, particularly the record number of female canoeists, good luck at the Championship of Spain.  She stated:

“I have always been in awe of the Spain’s paddling culture – kayak and canoe.  I wish I could watch your Championships of Spain 12-13 March.  With one thousand participants, it will truly be a spectacle for fans.  I wish we had this here in the United States.  I will be cheering from Washington DC!  I visited Seville in 2002 for the ICF Canoe Sprint World Championships. As I watched the competitors,  I knew that there would one day be many women racing in (Canadian) Canoes in Spain, following in the footsteps of their Champion brothers of the single blade, like the great David Cal.   It has been incredibly exciting watching the explosion of women’s canoe in Spain and the fantastic media coverage for their performances.   I expect more podium finishes in 2016 and  I hope to see a Spanish female canoeist on the podium in the Tokyo 2020 Olympics!   I wish to thank the Royal Spanish Canoe Federation for their support of women’s canoe at the national and international level and for the “Manifesto for Equality and Participation of Women in Sport”.  Our sport is stronger when we foster a culture of inclusion and equality.    I look forward to visiting Spain again and to paddle with many of you on your incredible rivers and lakes.”

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